Useful Information

Please be aware that these downloads are for reference purposes only and must be officially updated and amended by a qualified person to be regarded as an official document for your aircraft or engine.

Please check the Official Limbach downloads page for latest bulletins

Flight manuals:

Dimona H36 Flight Manual

Maintenance manuals.

Dimona H36 Service Manual

Dimona H36 3000 hour inspection schedule


Limbach Major Overhaul Manual

Limbach L2000 operating and maintenance manual

Limbach L2400 operating and maintenance manual


Rotax 912 operations manual

Rotax 912 installation manual

Fuel Information and Data Sheets:

Here is a recording of detonation caused by 6 week old stale unleaded fuel. It is the “rattling” type sound behind the main engine noise.

Australian unleaded fuel can contain significant quantities of light volatile aromatics which boost the RON rating but they evaporate quickly. Some fuels can lose their rating in a matter of weeks, which can lead to detonation in your engine. Please read the data sheets carefully and avoid using unleaded fuel that is more than a few weeks old.

BP Ultimate 98 RON Data Sheet

Shell premium 98 data sheet